SO Galerie

Inventory sales, leasing and shipping

SO Galerie holds an important stock of art works in its archives covering a variety of artists, mediums and styles. You can search for a particular piece through our on line inventory or send a specific request and we will be glad to help in sourcing the right artwork for your home, company or collection.

SO Galerie is also able to offer leasing facilities for selected works of art. The advantages of art leasing are numerous and may be summarized as follows:

Leasing allows you to "live" with a work of art for a period of time, and to change it or purchase it on the expiration of the lease period. It also allows for flexibility in creating a particular mood for an interior for a certain period of time, or season, and can later be changed or updated.

Artworks can be leased for very short term periods such as special events (inaugurations, corporate functions, private functions etc). The artworks are also available for leasing to the film industry for set and location design, photographic shoots and for temporary interior decoration of show properties.

Through its sister company THE PICTURE HOUSE, SO Galerie can arrange for delivery, installation, lighting installation, and eventual removal of the artworks and will take full responsibility for loss or damage during the transport, packing/unpacking and installation process.

Leasing allows for lower initial capital output and an exit option to buy after lease at a significantly reduced price.

Packing and Shipping Worldwide.

SO Galerie has extensive experience in packing and shipping artworks to virtually any destination and to this date we have a 100% success rate. We have shipped everything from small drawings to entire exhibitions (including all lighting systems and display structures) without any loss or damage. Our packing partners can create custom made crates and cases to fit particular artworks.

Feel free to email us with your requests and we will be glad to assist you in your packing and shipping requirements. Quotes are normally on an individual basis depending on size, weight and destination.