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A Distant Noise of Time

A collection of bronze sculptures by Liliana Fleri Soler

"Her forms are represented going about their daily chores; they execute simple, mundane actions, yet there is a playful sadness which dominates their stances. Even as one unruly-haired figure mimics the rabbit lying at her feet, or another takes their dog for a walk and a third sits in solitude with the sole company of a couple of plants, I sense a nostalgia, an underlying sadness, which goes beyond these representations. First impressions are, more often than not, deceiving, and somehow there is always an inherent duality at play, which slowly becomes manifest once you look beyond the surface veneer. The lofty statures of these precariously poised forms only serves to heighten this further."

Lisa Gwen

From 11 May, 2017, until 1 September, 2017